Animation Backstory: A Bizarre Thing Happened My First Day of Animating

So I catch the animation bug shortly after moving to New York. I start following animation blogs, read up on old Disney guys. I think, "I have a film background, I can draw - I should give this a go." I plan an animation test.

On day one of drawing, in the afternoon, a butterfly flutters in through an open window. I pause and admire. Back to drawing.

A bit later I notice it has landed on the bottom-side of my camera lens. It stays, though I'm using the camera. 

The next day the butterfly is still there. I use the camera all day, working on the test. The butterfly budges not.

To place this all on the calendar, the day is the first day of the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah, 2012.

The next morning the butterfly remains. Day three of butterfly-in-studio. I think, "Golly Beave, Mr. Butterfly has not had anything to eat or drink in days." I plan to catch him and release him out the window. If he wants to fly back in, well he's more than welcome.

A friend thinks the butterfly has died.

I walk over. Clasp my hands about him. Stillness.

Then he bursts into a flutter. I release him and watch him fly away into the big blue sky.

Animation Test:


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