Animation Intro. AKA, "1,860 Drawings" AKA, "BRIDGE WISH LOVE"

Logging the process of my animation project. It will be hand-drawn, charcoal on paper. Pictured is the blank sheet of paper that I will be drawing on. Here is the process: I will draw. Snap a photo. Erase some. Draw some. Snap a photo. And so on. Then, I will take all the photos, drop them into editing software, hit play and watch. I have already shot and edited the live-action film. The edit will be the guide track for my drawings.

For the run time of two minutes, thirty-five seconds, I will be drawing one thousand eight hundred sixty drawings.

The animated short film is called "Bridge Wish Love." It involves a couples' argument on the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a comedy. Sarah Silk stars and I play the guy.

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